Islands in the Masuria

For several Masurian lakes, both of these major and minor can meet some of the islands. Some of them are really very small and modest while others occupy large areas and are managed by humans, inter alia, the chalets, or entertainment. The largest and most popular islands while we could see the lakes and Mamry Dobskie. In order not to digress and directly hit the area we have your plan Masuria - then you do not need to worry that a mistake of the road.
Probably best viewed, however, Upłaty island, which is the largest in the entire team Mamry lakes, and its size reaches almost seventy acres. To a large extent, is covered with deciduous trees after calculating the two hundred years. On this island we can find small buildings, so a large area because it ideal for use - but these are mostly private lands, which are bungalows. Once this place was connected to the mainland in recent decades, however, the water level rose and Upałty became an island.
On the island you can reach the boat and canoe, in good shape and swimming. The area surrounding the lake are located Mamry numerous cottages to Masuria - if you stayed in one of them use the visit of one of the largest islands in the region.
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